The Parish Council's planning committee includes three members of the Parish Council and has its own chairperson. Its role is to consider and comment on planning applications made to Wychavon District Council relevant to the parish. New planning applications are notified by Wychavon via the Parish Clerk and members of the committee are asked to comment with a recommendation for approval or refusal. Further information about each application is obtained from Wychavon's website, which is also accessible to the general public.  This information should include location details, plans, various reports such as Highways, exposure to flooding, presence of bats etc and comments made by members of the public.  The planning committee forms a view as to the desirability of the development, which may be a simple house extension or alteration, a new property or estate of houses. The committee takes into account the impact on the local environment, roads and services and whether the development is inside the South Worcestershire Development Plan or otherwise. It will make reasoned objections as necessary.


It must be borne in mind that the view of the Parish Council planning committee represents just one voice.  The actual decision is made by the Wychavon Planning Committee, which will take into account the view of the Parish Council alongside the views of its own experts, neighbours and other interested members of the public.  The Parish Council does therefore also have a role in communicating planning applications to the parishioners so that they can also make Wychavon aware of their views.